Ci 2312 Digital Literacy

In Rheingold’s article, I found myself completely able to relate my own experience to the story he tells. Rheingold mentions that people spend more time paying attention to what’s on their phones and ignore the information around them. This reminded me of my own experience the other day. Due to quarantine, my friends and I hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we picked a day to meet at a coffee shop. During the meeting, I kept telling my friend about my recent experiences, yet I noticed that my friend just kept paying attention to his phone. He told me he was waiting for an important email from his professor and needed to respond promptly. However, after we finished dinner, he realized he had missed the professor’s email anyway, resulting in missing an important message. This made him in a bad mood for the next two days. Through this incident, I found that people’s concern for technological devices affects not only their behavior but also their emotions.

Overall, I think this lesson made me start to rethink the relationship between people and technology. Technology can benefit human society, as it helps us solve many communication problems and allows us to communicate with people from all over the world. However, technology has also changed the way we behave, causing us to lose sight of our own feelings and the information that comes from our surroundings. This will affect the way I use technology devices. In the past, I might have spent a lot of time using technology devices. However, after thinking about these issues, I may try to overcome my dependence on electronic devices.

After the course, I think I will continue to focus on knowledge related to digital literacy, especially on how campuses are now introducing this topic to their students. I think an important part of building a good online environment is to educate students. Students need to understand what proper online citizenship looks like in order to be able to engage with the online world better. There is still a lack of education for students, so I would be interested in learning how to incorporate digital literacy education into the classroom.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash